Spectra celebrates 40 Years

Spectra turns 40

We would like to thank all our business partners who have accompanied us on our way for the good and successful cooperation. Our special thanks go to our customers for their trust and loyalty over many years. And of course to our employees for their commitment and their work. Without them, we would not have been successful in the market for 40 years. We are proud and grateful for what they achieve every day. And last but not least, we would like to thank our suppliers for their many years of productive cooperation.

Carried by our motto "powered by individuality" - to which we are committed every day - we look forward to many more successful years.

A tree for every year



Nature conservation starts on a small scale, and social responsibility toward the environment is shared by every individual. As a company, we cannot and will not close our eyes to the global challenges.

We have already taken numerous steps to act more sustainably. You can find out exactly which ones here.

On the occasion of our anniversary, we have donated a tree for every year that we have been active as a company here in the region. That means 40 trees for our region, helping to ensure that our forests continue to be preserved as places of recreation and habitat.

To do this, we took part in the​​​​​​​ "fit4future nature" campaign. The aim of the campaign is to use donations to plant trees and thus help replace damaged trees in our forests and contribute to climate protection.

Company move to Reutlingen

Jürgen Rauscher reports on the major project in which he played a leading role.

The relocation of our company from Leinfelden-Echterdingen to Reutlingen in 2008 was one of the most important projects in the recent history of our company.
The expansion possibilities at the old location had been exhausted and therefore a new location was important and necessary for the further development of the company. The last few years before the move, we had already rented additional premises for logistics in order to be able to cover the continuously increasing space requirements.


The first steps

The first plans for a new location were started in 2007 and several options were evaluated during this phase. We finally decided on a location in the northern area of Reutlingen.

At that time, our decision was favoured by the great support of the municipal authorities and, above all, by the good accessibility of the new location for our employees, most of whom at that time were based in the Filder area south of Stuttgart ...


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Interview with the company founder Harald Lang

Spectra is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. What does that mean to you personally? What are you particularly proud of?

For me, it means first and foremost being very satisfied with the fact that, despite occasional severe adversities in the economic environment, we have always managed to be in the black and to grow continuously on our own. I am particularly proud that over 40 years we have always been able to offer our employees secure jobs. We have never been forced to make compulsory lay-offs.


Tell us, how did everything start in 1982? What were the decisive impulses for the foundation of Spectra?

It all started in 1982 with the takeover of an agency for the products of the English company Intercole Systems Ltd. The products of this company were computer-aided high-precision measuring systems with which I had worked intensively in my previous job at a state institution.

The company's products were called Spectra. So what could be more obvious than to call the new company Spectra GmbH? ...


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Take a journey through time with us:1982 - 2022

Spectra was founded in 1982 and has developed into a well-known supplier of products for industrial and industry-related computer applications in Germany. The company took its first steps as a system house.

In the further development the way led over the distribution of PC hardware to the construction of customised industrial PC systems.


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Spectra MS

High-precision multi-channel measuring system of the early years

Even today, after well over 30 years, I can still recall the initial commands for addressing the software of the Spectra MS by heart. When I joined the then still young Spectra company in the mid-1980s, the Spectra MS, the device from which the company took its name, was the main product at the centre of all business processes.

We, as a small group of young software engineers, had mastered the command set of the "Modular Multi-Channel Data Acquisition and Control System" from the inside out, because "driver software" was not supplied by the manufacturer from England at that time...


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