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The hardware is certainly the core piece, everything has to fit or be made to fit. For this to be the case, the right choice already plays an important role. Based on our experience we can do this for you or support you with our expertise. And since individualisation is our flagship, we will do everything possible to adapt the solution to your application.

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Configuration adaptation

You can change individual components (hardware, operating system) of our standard industrial PC systems at any time. We can also install your additional, customer-specific components ex works. These are taken into account during the system tests as part of the final inspection.


 Your added value

  • System adapted to your wishes
  • No installation effort
  • Functional reliability


IPC Configuration request form

basic system

You either choose one of our predefined standard industrial PC systems, where you can adapt the configuration at any time.
Or you can choose another suitable basic system from our extensive range, which will then be equipped with the equipment you require.



From the processor to the working memory to the data memory and other features, select the components necessary for your application. We offer you an extensive selection of components and will be happy to advise you on which equipment is best for your application.

Specific components

If we do not have specific components required for your application in our program, we can procure them for you and add them directly to the production parts list so that you do not have to carry out any additional procurement and installation.



Of course you can also provide us with very special components. We manage these components in our merchandise management system and then feed them into our production.

Mechanical modifications

Sometimes simply moving an interface inside the enclosure is enough to turn a standard IPC into your ideal IPC. By attaching a cost-effective mounting plate, installation costs can be considerably reduced in some cases or the industrial PC can be brought into a thermally more favourable installation position. A great benefit can be achieved with little effort.


Your added value

  • Individualization from 1 piece
  • Complete solution from a single source

Mechanical processing

With the help of our mechanical processing stations we can offer you individualizations from one piece. Whether here a hole for a cable entry, there another interface or an additional threaded bolt for a holder, we are happy to fulfil all your wishes.

Special parts

If a small special part is missing, but it has to fit exactly to your application, we will also find a solution. Whether it should be a prototype that we produce manually or a series part that we develop and have manufactured cost-effectively by our partners, you can decide.


The individualization possibilities of products are manifold. They range from individual colouring to the application of your own logo. Through our local partners, we can quickly and easily implement requirements of this kind, even for smaller quantities.

Your added value

  • Your own design
  • Individual special solutions


In the simplest case, we apply your logo to the product with a high-quality sticker. For larger quantities, however, other methods are also possible.



Whether only a part or the whole product, with a different colouring products can be individualised. Talk to us. Together we will find a good solution for you.

Special solution

Our development team is specialized in implementing customer wishes in special solutions. For this purpose we define the specifications together with you and take you along during the entire development process. From the rough concept and first draft to the prototype and series production, you are always involved.

Tests and certifications

Despite comprehensive standardization in the industrial and computer world, it can be useful or even necessary to carry out various tests and certifications.
All systems manufactured by us go through our internal test. If you should need further individual tests, then we can gladly take over this for you.

Compatibility test

Especially with customer-specific system combinations including individual application software, it makes sense to carry out an extensive compatibility test before series production. Of course we document all results in a detailed protocol for you.


Heat test

Depending on the application, the operating temperature plays an important role. With the help of our heating oven we also simulate increased temperature requirements during operation.

Individual final inspection

In consultation with you, we carry out extended system tests as part of the final inspection for your customer-specific industrial PC system. Our individual possibilities range from customer-specific test cycles to application tests with additional hardware provided by you and extended documentation.



Our products are provided with all necessary certifications for use in Europe. If you require industry- or region-specific certification, we can offer it to you via a certified testing laboratory.