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Tailor-made products

There are always cases where standard solutions are not sufficient, for example when it comes to realising a system in the corporate design of your company, implementing specific technical requirements for which no standard components are available in the market or ensuring optimum ease of use. Spectra Customised is designed exactly for these cases.


There are numerous aspects that can necessitate the development of a customised chassis, for example if your machine has special space requirements where a standard housing is not suitable, if the chassis needs special protection against opening by unauthorised persons or if a customised product design has to be met.


If the ready-made industrial PC meets your requirements as regards the basic configuration and only minor adaptations are required, such as an additional interface led out of the housing, this can be done by the staff members in our workshop. This is where these and other mechanical modifications are carried out in consultation with the customer.


At larger quantities, it makes sense to individually adapt an existing or develop a completely new computer board. Sufficient customisation can often be achieved by merely modifying the interfaces of a standard board. Where this is not possible, the development of a new board is the better solution. Owing to the long-term collaboration with our manufacturers in Taiwan and China, we are an ideal partner for such development projects.


The most common customer-specific modifications include BIOS modifications. These range from the display of your corporate logo during booting to configuring your optimum settings. This configuration has great benefits when installing software or pre-designed images. Performance parameters and energy saving functions (e.g. CPU stepping) as well as boot priorities can be defined.