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UniCloud is a complete no-code IIoT platform for manufacturers and operators of devices, machines and automats! Unitronics' new online portal gives you the ability to visualise, store and analyse all process data processed anywhere on Unitronics controllers.


The charm of this new type of portal lies in the simple configuration of your own IIoT application, which requires no programming knowledge or expertise from cloud professionals. You can create your own cloud application tailored to specific needs with simple "click-and-select" and thus present, manage and process your machines or their data online, for example.


Attractive dashboards are created by simply configuring ready-made objects such as graphs, tables, maps, etc. and display current, historical or aggregated data from one or more machines.


UniCloud is secure! End-to-end (E2E) protection ensures end-to-end data access security, up to and including the assignment of user roles with defined access rights. Other built-in protection mechanisms include Encrypted REST APIs over TLS, MQTT X.509 authentication, anti-virus and Web Application Firewall (WAF) rules.


You can connect all PLC models of the UniStream, Samba and Vision series to UniCloud. Both in new installations and in existing, running installations, without the need for programme changes. For the UniCloud connection of these series, the following is required in addition to Internet access:

  • UniStream-C: already includes a licence for 5 years of UniCloud.
  • UniStream-Built-In/Modular:  UniCloud subscription
  • Vision/Samba: UniCloud subscription + Unitronics router

UniCloud subscriptions are available in different packages, depending on the amount of data ("tags") and the update rate (10 s to 5 min). 


Get into IIoT technology now - with UniCloud!

UniCloud is free for the first 3 months! You can simply register and test the possibilities of UniCloud in detail and without functional restrictions.

You can access it here:


Start e.g. with simple "Remote Access", which is established within UniCloud with just one click on the VPN, Web or VNC button. Then move on to dashboards, trend data and analytics. Finally, take full advantage of the possibilities to implement Business Intelligence, Predictive Maintenance or Additional Services.

Ask us!  We will be happy to work with you to develop your individual solution.

Principle structure


All models of the UniStream, Vision and Samba series can be easily and quickly integrated into UniCloud.

Easy Set-up

UniStream-C Series

Unitronics UniCloud

IIoT platform for Unitronics PLCs

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