Success Stories

Application Stories

In order to give you an impression of the applications in which our customers use our products, we have compiled some application examples of our standard products and self-developed solutions.

CANbus converter in a rail vehicle

Product: I-7530

Some components in trains still have an RS-485 interface and are connected to the central CANBus using an interface converter.

Mini-PC in a automobile museum

Product: Spectra PowerBox

Powerful, silent mini PC used in an automobile museum to feed sequences to the information displays. The situation at the installation site necessitated a special cooling concept.

Compact PC in the manufacture of solar panels

Product: Manufactured to specification

We developed a compact PC with extremely fast, redundant image processing units for the control of pick-and-place robots in the manufacture of solar panels.

Information system at the airport

Product: Spectra ViewMaster

Powerful, extremely flat digital information system that can be mounted behind the display. Used at an airport to feed information to the terminals.

Special computer in the automotive sector

Product: Manufactured to specification

Computer for engine & gearbox test stations which had to be capable of being integrated into the device door by means of a special housing, in addition to being splash-proof.

Compact PC in dentistry

Product: Spectra-Kompakt IPC-42

Compact industrial PC controls the machine used to produce dentures.

Data acquisition in water treatment

Product: I-7024 / I-7067

Decentralised I/O modules are integrated in so-called measuring buoys that float in the settling tanks of water treatment plants to record water data.

Mini-PC as a communication unit

Product: Spectra PowerBox

In this case, the mini PC is used on cargo vessels in closed rooms. The requirements included a great number of LAN interfaces to operate the satellite telephones.

Traffic guidance system

Product: JetCon 1301

The media converters are used for the establishment of a traffic guidance system into which a communication network with 140 signals had to be integrated.

Panel PC at a logistics centre

Product: Spectra-Panel A

The panel PC is connected to the warehouse logistics system. The storage locations of the individual products are shown to the stock-keeper in the display and the item numbers are scanned.

Compact PC in the gaming industry

Product: Manufactured to specification

Compact industrial PC for integration into gaming machines. An important criterion is protection from external access. The maintenance area is separated from the processing unit.

Digital signage in cinema foyers

Product: Spectra ViewMaster

Digital information system plays film trailers and advertisements on large screens in the entrance area of cinemas.

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