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Issue: 2021-09

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Data processing on the edge

In industry, IoT applications are now part of everyday life. This generates a great deal of data that must be processed as quickly as possible, often even in real time. Delays, such as those caused by data transmission between the point of use and the data center, must be avoided. The goal is to pre-process the data directly at the end device and only transfer the result. Edge computers offer an excellent platform for this. These compact industrial PCs are designed to process data directly at the machine - "on the edge".  

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Screen size - optionally in 4:3 or 16:9

When equipping an entire production line or manufacturing with display units, i.e. industrial panel PCs or monitors, it makes sense to use one product series for many reasons: Setup, maintenance and replenishment is much easier. One saves time and also money, and in addition, the uniform design offers aesthetic benefits as well as uniform installation. The Spectra PowerTwin series offers you an intelligent modular system with which you get a wide range of industrial panel PCs and monitors.

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Additional Interfaces for your board

Expansion cards offer you, as a system developer, an easy way to expand the embedded board selected for your system with missing interfaces in a space-saving way without having to switch to another board. The expansion cards MEC-LAN-2001i and MEC-LAN-M101i offer you one Gigabit Ethernet and the models MEC-LAN-2002i and MEC-LAN-M102i two additional GbE interfaces.


With 4G/5G Routers faster to the Internet

The new 5G Router ICG-2515-NR is the perfect choice for all demanding, future-oriented mobile radio applications. Even if you do not have a 5G network available today and the router still has to perform its daily work in 4G LTE mode, a reliable and future-proof mobile radio infrastructure is a basic requirement for time-critical or data-intensive remote access, M2M and IIoT applications. 



Automated processes are increasingly being integrated into our everyday lives. Whether driverless logistics systems or camera-controlled handling robots, compact embedded boards are at the heart of these systems, processing information quickly and reliably in a fully automated manner. The 3.5" boards of the IB952F series form a particularly compact basis for your embedded system. 


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Large displays for visualising process sequences or displaying important key figures have long been used in industry. In the meantime, they can be found not only in control rooms but also on the shop floor. Robust and low-maintenance visualisation computers that meet modern requirements in terms of computing power and graphics performance are used to display the contents. The compact NDiS B560 visualisation system from Spectra is the ideal choice for these applications...

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Developers have to consider many factors when deciding on the CPU platform for embedded systems. For example, in addition to technical specifications and quality, scalability and long-term availability also play an important role. With the mini-ITX boards of the MI989F series, you have an excellent basis for your next embedded system...

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