Tip of the month

In this section we present products selected for you by our product management experts. The focus can be on new technologies, solutions for special applications or a particularly attractive market price.

USB generations

USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports provide a fast, easy and universal way to connect different devices and transfer data. They are cost-effective and widely available, making them an economical solution for connectivity in industry. Peripheral USB devices are usually easy to install and use. They usually do not require complex driver installations and support what is known as "plug-and-play," making them easy to use in industry. Standards for USB have evolved over the years to meet increasing demands for data transfer speed, performance ...

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Windows 10 Pro alternatives

Microsoft has made the sale of the Windows 10 operating system in all consumer editions (Home, Pro and for workstations) cease as of January 31. 2023. This includes the full versions and the versions from the download section of the Microsoft website as well as the so-called OEM or System Builder versions that are sold via the distribution channel. Microsoft will continue to support the software until October 14, 2025, during which time Microsoft will provide regular security updates. ...

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How the operating system can provide more security

Maximum safety is very important for our industrial customers. That's why Spectra uses a Windows operating system that protects the industrial PC even better against unauthorized access or data loss. The new Microsoft® Windows®10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC offers you numerous Advanced Lockdown features. These "Advanced Lockdown Functions" enable the exact assignment of access rights ...

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UniCloud now with ISO certification for even more safety

UniCloud is a complete no-code IIoT platform for manufacturers and operators of devices, machines and automats! The Unitronics online portal gives you the ability to visualise, store and analyse all process data processed anywhere on Unitronics controllers. The charm of this novel portal lies in the simple configuration of your own IIoT application, which requires no programming knowledge or expertise from cloud professionals. ... 

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Alternativ PROFINET-IO available

The PROFINET remote I/O of the PFN-2000 series offer you an excellent choice for PROFINET I/O applications in which, for example, a SIEMENS S7 or compatible PLC acts as the central control unit and in which further analogue and digital signals have to be processed decentrally. The I/O modules comply with Conformance Class B and RT Class 1 and are therefore particularly suitable for applications where the cycle time is >1ms.

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Our Windows Tip for the Year 2022

Continue to trust in proven Windows 10 IoT Enterprice LTSC! Everyone is talking about Windows 11 - and it is also exciting to see what new features Microsoft has implemented in its latest Windows operating system, including a new graphical user interface, support for USB4 and Wi-Fi 6E. For our customers from the industrial environment, however, long-term support, stability of the installation, secured and individual configuration options ...

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Indispensable helpers for serial interface

The serial interface is far from dead and is still in use as RS-232 or RS-485 in millions of devices. It serves as an interface for occasional device parameterisation, for connecting frequency converters or laboratory balances, or also for data transmission from terminal devices to a host PC. If the host PC or the service notebook of the technician on site does not have its own physical COM interface, small and inexpensive USB-serial adapters help to use one of the USB ports of the PC and convert it to RS-232 or RS-485. 

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The right SSD for your application

Industrial SSDs have taken on an important role as storage media in both industry and data centers (enterprise use). When selecting the right SSD for your application, you have to consider some technical criteria. In our tip of the month, we have compiled all the important technical criteria that will help you make the right decision for your application.

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3G Shutdown! Does that affect me?

The 3G mobile network will be switched off on 30.06.2021, even though the actual date may be somewhat earlier or even later depending on the provider (Telekom, Vodafone, O2) and depending on the region. So for all users of 3G technology, one thing is certain: the end is here - now! While we hardly notice this in the private sector because our smart phones are all fairly new and have long since supported 4G (LTE), things are quite different in the industrial sector.

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Quite a few Ethernet networks in technical environments are built from IT components that are unmanaged. This is a security risk of which one must be aware! While administrators of conventional IT in corporate offices and in public and semi-public networks have always had a special eye on security ("Security"), operators of technical environments (technicians, engineers) often only give high priority to security ("Safety") in relation to OT (Operational Technology). They think: "In my network everything is self-sufficient and self-contained, what could happen? ....

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