Industrial PCs


Industrial PC are used in a great number of applications. Typical areas of application include robotics, industrial automation, process visualisation as well as industrial test stations. The most important feature of an industrial PC is its reliability, since a computer failure often entails a production standstill. Failures can be effectively prevented by using sturdy, industry-compatible components in industrial PC. The diverse fields of application require a wide range of different industrial PC. Where the standard systems are not sufficient, Spectra can develop entirely new systems. Please find more detailed information on this in the "Spectra Individual" category.


In measurement and testing technology, a large amount of measurement data is generated that is processed on a central embedded PC. For this purpose, the PC must have the necessary computing power as well as the necessary interfaces for connecting peripheral devices. The fanless Embedded PC NEU-X302 is the ideal choice for this type of application. The easy-to-assemble CPU socket allows you to use the appropriate processor with the right performance for your requirements. on


Modern processes in industrial AI and machine vision are closely linked to image processing. This requires industrial PC systems with CPU and GPU performance large enough to process the tasks in real time. The Spectra PowerBox 5000 high-end GPU computing system opens the doors to a whole new dimension in image processing. It consists of a basic system that can be expanded with up to two modular GPU expansion boxes. With the help of this modular design, you can scale the system to suit your requirements. The excellent computing power of the base system is based on ... on

Panel-PC in IP69K stainless steel chassis

Hygiene requirements are particularly high in the medical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Because the spread of particles, germs and other contaminants must be prevented at all times, materials are used in the production process whose contamination potential is as low as possible. For use in this hygiene-critical environment, we recommend the panel PCs of the Spectra Panel Z series with display sizes from 17" to 21.5" and resistive touch screen. The use of stainless steel for the chassis of these panel PCs ... 



Industrial machine vision ranges from simple environmental awareness applications such as object positioning, measurement, identification and sorting, to more complex vision-driven automation functions. For this range of applications, a flexibly configurable embedded system that both guarantees, the necessary performance and prevents unnecessary investments,helps the system integrator. The powerful Spectra PowerBox 500 Edge AI Servers... on

Edge-PC for modern Graphics processors

Edge PCs for simulation and AI applications in industry require on the one hand a corresponding performance and on the other hand a compact design to fit on the edge. The Edge-PC AIEdge-X300 is the ideal foundation stone especially for these applications. The easy to assemble CPU socket allows you to adapt the performance of the used processor according to your requirements. on

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