For us, a customer-specific solution does not only consist of hardware, but also of suitable software. This starts with the BIOS, includes the operating system and individual application software. Only the perfect interaction between hardware and software will bring you the desired added value.

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Application software

Only the right application software can turn an industrial PC system into a device with "intelligence". Of course, you decide which software you need for your application. However, we can assist you with installation and image management.

Your added value

  • Considerable time saving
  • Uniform installation

installation service

We will be happy to install your special application software for you, so that you receive a ready-to-use system. For this purpose we will create a fully installed sample system together with you. We draw an image from this system and then install it on the next systems. So you can be sure that you will receive all systems with the same installation.

Image management

We store the image created for you on our own protected server until it is no longer needed. Of course, we also consider possible version changes and manage these.

Operating System

The suitable, pre-installed operating system turns a computer hardware into a functional industrial PC system. Therefore the selection, the installation including the updates and the version-safe storage are important points that we take care of for you.

Your added value

  • Enormous time saving
  • Functional reliability
  • License cost savings for Linux operating systems
  • Reproducibility


Of course you get the current Windows versions pre-installed on your system. But you can also get "older" Windows versions, which are only available via the Microsoft Embedded sales channel.
In addition, we offer you the creation of a Windows Embedded operating system tailored to your application.


We are happy to create an individual operating system based on Linux according to your requirements. Usually we use the Yoctco development environment.
The advantages for you are the savings in license costs and the compact operating system optimized for your application.


Together with our partner Sybera we offer you a real-time environment under Windows. The Real-Time OS is especially necessary for deterministic and/or synchronous applications. This is, for example, the case with motion control and image processing applications.

Installation service

When installing the operating system, you can choose between two variants.
The first is "refuelling", in which the Windows operating system is reinstalled and then all updates and patches are applied so that you always have a current operating system.
And on the other hand the "image loading", where a previously saved image of a reference installation is reloaded. Here you always get an unchanged installation.
Afterwards, the already installed system is subjected to a system test.

Image storage

If you need the same systems again and again, we will first create a sample system for you. This installation can already contain your application software. We will create an image of it and then store it protected on our local server and manage it for the agreed runtime. In this way we can ensure that you receive the same turnkey system with every delivery.


An x86-compatible computer hardware requires a BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) or more recently a UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface). This so-called firmware makes the hardware functional and starts the operating system. Many hardware functions are activated and configured via the BIOS.

Your added value

  • You save time during commissioning, as the BIOS settings have already been made.
  • Safe operation, as the BIOS settings and the version do not change.


This is also referred to as BIOS or UEFI settings, which we are happy to optimize according to your specifications for the system and your application and "freeze" them, i.e. store them in the CMOS in such a way that the settings are not lost even if the CMOS battery fails.


Among the BIOS/UEFI modifications we include, for example, the adaptation of the boot logo.
Wouldn't it be nice if you could see your own logo while booting your system?


Since BIOS versions are also optimized and adapted over time, there is no guarantee that a new BIOS version will be compatible with your application. Therefore we offer a fixation of the BIOS version. Here the motherboard is always loaded with the same BIOS version that we have saved for you.