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We guarantee the premium quality of all our products, whether industrial PC systems, IPC components or communication and automation products.
Should a product be affected by a fault despite thorough testing, you can return that product to our service department. Please complete the adjacent form to obtain an RMA form.

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Instructions for the RMA process

During repairs carried out on complete systems, it may be necessary to delete all data from the device.
Before sending the device, ensure that you have in your possession a backup copy of all data on the device.
We hereby explicitly draw your attention to the fact that repairing a device involves returning it to its delivered status.
Spectra (Schweiz) AG accepts no liability for the costs of a software configuration, loss of earnings, loss of data or software, or for any other consequential damage.

Devices/components that are no longer covered by the warranty will be subject to a handling fee of CHF 75.00 plus VAT and shipping costs.
This also applies to devices for which no fault can be identified.

If a chargeable repair is commissioned, this handling fee shall be charged on a proportional basis.

Verpackung & Rücksendung

  • Please use the original packaging, or an outer packaging corresponding to the ESD guidelines, for the return of the goods.
  • Do not write an RMA order number on the original packaging.
  • Make sure that the original serial number label is on each product.

If the transport packaging used is not sufficient (e.g. individual components not packaged in antistatic foil, goods inadequately protected), we reject any and all warranty obligations.
The costs of any transport damage incurred as a result of defective packaging shall be borne by the sender
We would kindly request that you attach the completed RMA document to the outside of the package.

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